6th & 7th Grade Science (week of 10/5)

Hello, everyone. After a number of glitches, our blog is finally up and running. A short summary would be appropriate.

6th graders will spend the year studying Earth Science. Our first unit is on weather – Meteorology. Using demonstrations, activities, and class discussions we have tackled the rather common misconception that the changing distance to the Sun is the reason for the seasons. Other factors, such as the angle of the Sun & sunlight hours are more important factors. We went over the importance of those lines on a globe that indicate the Arctic Circle, Tropic of Cancer, etc. Then by experiment we discovered that the surface of the Earth doesn’t heat up the same way all the time and this leads to wind formation. We spent a lot of time demonstrating the force of air pressure and used a creative writing activity to understand the water cycle. This Friday, Oct. 9, is their first written test. Good luck to all. Continue reading 6th & 7th Grade Science (week of 10/5)

Come with me this Wednesday morning to celebrate the Rooftop STEMLab.

Hello again.

Beware the principal who has had too much free time this week: she will be devising of more work for herself, and by extension, you!

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has given the PS/IS 237 Campus (that’s us!) $500,000 (that’s half a million dollars!) for our rooftop STEMLab.  Yesterday, I received this invitation:

“We wanted to extend an invitation to you for next Wednesday, September 30 at 10:30 AM, as Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams will rollout his fiscal year 2016 capital budget, focusing on his allocation to schools throughout Brooklyn.

The announcement will be made at PS 193 Gil Hodges in Midwood and we are requesting you and your team’s attendance.”

Continue reading Come with me this Wednesday morning to celebrate the Rooftop STEMLab.

Welcome Back: Our first full week of school approaches!

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re out enjoying the glorious weather this fall is dishing up.  Maybe you’re at the Maker Faire in Corona Park. Keep your eye on the fascinating “Total Lunar Eclipse Meets Supermoon” activity on Sunday night: first time in 33 years, won’t happen again for another 18.

A few highlights until we see one another at the PTO meeting on Wednesday evening. Continue reading Welcome Back: Our first full week of school approaches!

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