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Hello everyone, and welcome back after what I hope was a lovely family break for you all.  We are all very happy to be back at school with your children and are in full swing here at 50 Avenue P.  Wanted to share some highlights about what’s coming up at school.

New Parent Coordinator: Effective today, Christopher Minaya joins BSI as the new parent coordinator.  Chris spent the last 10 years at Bronx Community College as academic counselor, assistant supervisor to the counseling department, and was generally involved with English tutoring.  He ran instructional workshops in addition to serving as the weekend and evening coordinator for the writing center there.  Chris is a journalist, raised in Brooklyn, and is thrilled to be at BSI.  You can reach Chris at 718-621-9755 or — you can expect to be hearing from Chris!

Maryana has moved up to the 4th floor office into the secretarial desk, so don’t fret: she remains with us.  Maryana can be reached at 718-621-5730 or

SPARC sessions start at 1:30 today: Be sure to ask your 1st through 4th grader about their SPARC session this afternoon.  We start the first round today which will go through March 19th.

Math Interactive Workshop for 2nd and 3rd grades: Marcy Mattera, our K-3 Math Staff Developer, will lead an interactive parent math workshop in the art room (309) next Wednesday morning, January 14th, from 8:45 until 9:45.  Hope to see many of you there.

Science Roundtables:  Keep your eyes on the calendar, we are in the process of planning a science share for 3rd, 5th and 6th graders, probably in March.

6th grade overnight, PEEC March 31 to April 1:  Sixth grade students will travel to the Pocono Environmental Education Center ( on March 31 with Ms. Seitz and other BSI teachers, for a two night Science field trip.  Stay tuned for more information.

5th grade overnight: The fifth graders will again travel on an overnight trip to Washington DC this year.  The plan, which will be shared with 5th grade families soon, is to leave on May 13th and return the 15th.

E-mail communication with BSI staff: A word about e-mail communication with teachers and others at BSI.  As we grow, the complexity of we how conduct our day to day business is changing.  I’d like to remind everyone that e-mails should be clear, concise and kind.  There are times when questions or concerns are either highly sensitive and/or complex in nature, and in those cases, it may be that e-mail is not the best venue.  Perhaps a phone call makes more sense.  Teachers have dedicated parent engagement time, when they can either speak on the phone or meet in person, so long as you make an appointment.  Together, we have created a thriving community at BSI, one where communication is valued and invited.  Unfortunately, there have been a number of instances where we are on the receiving end of unkind e-mails whose tone and content are wholly inappropriate.  I ask that we work together and are mindful of one another and the important role that each of us play, both separately and collectively, in the lives of our students.  As I often say to the children, let’s be sure to put the best version of ourselves out there for the world to see.

Happy New Year!


…and to all a good night!

Hi everyone.

The last bus is pulling out over here from 50 Avenue P and we’re rolling the sidewalk up on 2014.  We wish you all a holiday season filled with love, joy and all the sweet things in life.  Judging from the smiles on your children’s faces today, you are well on your way.

See you in 2015!



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