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Friday, June 13, 2014

Hello there.

I just came up from the gym where Ms. Nanna is hanging the art show with family helpers. Ms. Weini is in the violin room leading the 1st grade classes in their final rehearsal before Friday’s performance; Melissa Singer has a small math group of 5th graders in her room, and I hear the murmur of 4th grade teachers coming from the conference room adjacent to my office, where plans for next year are being reviewed and revised.

I just ran into a dad on the elevator who asked, “Coming to the end, eh?” to which I answered, “Heck, no! We are just gearing up!”

The teaching and learning blazes on for the current year and begins for next year in one seamless, tireless flow. I’m amazed by the energy and passion this particular group has for the work we’re all doing.

Really looking forward to seeing you all this Friday at school — and from here on in, rather than calling it Grandparents Day, we will call it “Family and Friends Day” — and on Friday night at the Green Building, where we will celebrate 5 years together.

One Tribe!

all best,

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