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Rounding the bend of the end of our second full week of school here on Avenue P.  Stumbled upon this announcement today and realized that I am hoping to get an e-mail from some of our upper grade students five years from now, inviting me to come and hear them speak here:

Student Voice Conference: High School students are participating in a big student voice conference this Saturday – one on a panel discussion about national education trends and student voice facilitated by Amanda Ripley (Time Magazine, The Atlantic, Smartest Kids in the World) and another on a roundtable about innovation facilitated by Dell. If you’d like to attend, here are the details:

May be worth checking out!

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Curriculum Night October 2nd: details!

Good morning everyone,

Don’t forget to sign up to follow the notes from the office (mine!) on the website.  (Class page info will come tom’w; I know some of you are having issues!)
Just wanted to give you an idea of what curriculum night will look like this year as in some cases, we will follow a different format than previous years.
Kindergarten through 4th grade parents are invited to informally gather in your child’s classroom from 5:30 until 6.  At 6, the presentation will begin. (During K-3 presentations, you will hear from Ms. Mallery, the science teacher, Ms. Nanna, the art Teacher and Marcy, our Math Coach supporting K-3).
Fourth grade parents are invited to the Science Lab at 5:30 in 409 for a presentation from Ms. Seitz; Sixth grade parents are invited to the Science Lab at 5:45 until 6 for a presentation on 6th grade science.  (Fifth grade parents will meet with Ms. Seitz during their rotation with all 5th grade teachers between 6 and 7:00 p.m.)
Fifth and 6th grade parents will visit Humanities, Math and Science, ending up in Advisory at 6:45 p.m.
You’ll hear from us again on this with details about where to go and when, I just wanted you to know about the 5:30 kick off time so you can plan your afternoon and evening accordingly.
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