Thank you, Helen.

Hi everyone.

Hope you are enjoying the quick glimpse of the sun we are getting today.

Speaking of sunshine, wanted to give a shout out to Helen Rudofsky.  Since leaving her post as PC a little more than a year ago, it’s quite possible that Helen spends more of her free time working on school projects than when she was here!  Whether it’s helping support us with the Middle School process, managing financial reports, teaching us how to use spreadhseets, arranging for overnight field trips or helping support the progress report system, one thing is for certain: we can always count on Helen.  Helen is here so often, I think that sometimes people forget that she is actually a VOLUNTEER!

So, please, next time you run into Helen, give her a special thanks.  She’s a regular fixture here at BSI.

all best,


Attendance Matters

Hello everyone.

I’m reviewing the attendance for September, October and November and I want to share with you some thoughts.

First, attendance matters!  Coming to school with enough time to settle in before coming up to class is important.  Our day begins promptly at 8:30 and every minute counts.  When students arrive to school even five or ten minutes late, it means that by the time they are upstairs and settled, they have missed at least 1/4 to 1/3 of first period, perhaps the most important time of the day.  There are missed opportunities to check in with classmates and teachers, and lessons are well underway by that time in the morning.

Second, you never know when someone else is going to look at your child’s attendance data and make a decision about who your child is as a student based on that information.  We all hope for our children to stay at the same school until the natural graduation time occurs, but people’s lives and circumstances change.

Third, since we are a school that engages in inquiry and contextual learning, when children miss school it’s difficult for them to replace that lost learning.  Try as we do to support children who have extended absences, it simply is not the same as being at school.  The report I have shows more than a few families who take vacation during the school year, and I will say it again: it’s not a good idea.

Thanks for taking this issue seriously.  As a person who reviews student records for 6th grade to see who should be admitted, I can tell you certainly that attendance matters.  As a mom who has twice gone through the High School search in NYC, I can attest to the fact that attendance is a serious matter indeed.

Thank you,


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