PS/IS 686 | Brooklyn, NY

Submitting Work and Feedback

Dear Families,

I hope that you are all doing well.
I have received many emails about the assignments and what to submit. I’m hoping this email can clarify some things.
First of all, Mr. O’Hickey and I realize that everyone’s family has very different needs right now. Some of you are looking for a lot of assignments to keep your kids busy and engaged, and some of you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work. We are trying to provide a variety of materials to meet the wide range of needs in our classes.
For next week, you should prioritize submitting the daily math (not including math games and challenges) and writing assignments. These are the assignments that I will focus on providing feedback for. Although you may see a number attached to my feedback for math and writing assignments, those numbers do not mean anything in terms of a grade. 2=submitted on time, 1=submitted late, 0=not submitted. Again, these numbers will not affect your child’s grade. Please note that if work is submitted late, I cannot guarantee that your child will receive written feedback. I will do my best.
You may submit any other assignments you would like to. I will take a look at all the work your child is doing, but I may not provide feedback.
To sum up: Try to have your child complete and submit the daily math and writing assignments. They should do as many other assignments as possible each day, but these submissions are optional. As always, it’s ok if this is not possible! I am monitoring student work on Epic, Khan Academy, and Raz Kids. Do what you can, when you can.
Please continue to take care of your own and your family’s emotional well-being. I know that you are all doing your best in these difficult times.
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