4th Grade Humanities

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We had an amazing visit from the BEAM center!  We are working on a profile of our Revolutionary Battle of Brooklyn hero!  We will take these profiles to the BEAM center to make laser cut outs!

So essentially we have mixed together science content (how glaciers form topography etc) with the Battle of Brooklyn. (The battle was essentially fought on a glacier moraine, called the Heights of Gowan.  This glacier deposited sediment to form a ridge across Brooklyn and Long Island.) Here is their work from yesterday.  They made the profile portraits so that they will go into the laser printer to make these “game” pieces so that they can use them when they create their “war table,” to stage a play of battle strategy.  They will also create a topographic map using the laser printer by layering on plastic sheets to create a map like this, but it will be 3D.

SHSAT Exam Information

Please be advised that the SHSAT exam is scheduled for the following dates:

Specialized HS Admission Test: Saturday, October 22, 2016 – Sunday, October 23, 2016 (for 8th grade)
Specialized HS Admission Test: Sunday, October 30, 2016 – Saturday, November 5, 2016 (for all current 9th grade students. For 8th & 9th grade students who are ELL’s or students with disabilities who have IEP or approved 504 Plans. For make-up test requests)

High School Fair Dates

We encourage 8th Grade families and students to attend one of the High School Fairs this fall. The fairs are scheduled for the following dates:

Citywide HS Fair: Saturday, September 24. 2016 – Sunday, September 25, 2016

Borough HS Fairs: Saturday, October 15, 2016 – Sunday, October 16, 2016

Science: Week of June 20, 2016

As the year winds down, the 7th graders were charged with presenting a “Scientists Fair” to younger students, in which they researched and used their creative skills to “become” a famous scientist or inventor. We saw a rich diversity of people from Steve Jobs & Isaac Newton to Rosalind Franklin & Emilie du Chatelet. Who knew that Hollywood movie star, Hedy Lamarr, was also a first class inventor? A fun time was had by all.

With very few days left, the 6th grade is ending our unit of ocean study by concentrating on just 2 animals – whales and sharks. They were given the opportunity to dissect a small dogfish shark and to study its external and internal anatomy.

As my first year at BSI ends, I would like to say that this has been an educational experience, not only for the students but for me as well. Wishing all of you a very safe and super summer. This is Ron signing off.

Week of June 13, 2016

As we come down to the final two weeks of school, the 7th grade will be finishing up their study of nuclear energy. We have learned about the awesome power of nuclear fission and this week will debate the pros and cons of nuclear power plants. We will examine the effects of the Chernobyl power plant disaster and compare it to other, fossil-fuel, disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon explosion that messed up the Gulf of Mexico.

The 6th grade will be embarking on a very fast unit on Oceanography – with a quick look at the geography and physical nature of the oceans, followed by a brief survey of the importance of life in the oceans as it relates to the ecology of the entire planet.